Wish they had pinkberry in Seoul

I’m not big on dessert. To be honest, i’d rather eat a cheeseburger for dessert after a good meal. But, sometimes you want to fill you gut with some sugar. Before i moved to Seoul, my wife and i used to live in Chicago. There was this frozen yogurt place we used to frequent called berry chill. I loved that place because the froyo there was tart and tangy. But my first love of yogurt is pinkberry. I’m a purist. I don’t need toppings or anything on the side. Just give me a spoon and a bucket of white deliciousness. So fresh and so tangy. Just seems to melt in my mouth. Wish Korea had pinkberry. They have red mango but its not even close. I read that pinkberry started out as a US clone of red mango. At any rate the clone is a lot tastier.

5 thoughts on “Wish they had pinkberry in Seoul

  1. there’s a froyo place near hondae, and it’s pretty much what you’d normally expect. Try “snowspoon”. Oh, and they have these little cute popsicles too!

  2. Red Mango and pretty much any other “frozen yogurt” franchise in Korea all have the same flavor profile as Pinkberry. The owners did get the idea from Korea in the first place…being Korean themselves…

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