Vatos Urban Tacos pricey but good

It’s pretty hard to find good Mexican food here in Seoul. I’m from California so i needs to get my Mexican fix every once in a while. This was a problem for me when i first started this blog. But i think i found my go-to Mexican joint.

Vatos Urban Tacos is a fusion Mexican restaurant located in Itaewon. They used to run a small hole in the wall establishment, but now they are huge. The story of how Vatos started is really interesting. Three regular guys saw that there wasn’t any good Mexican places in Seoul. So they saved up, researched, and went for it. You can check out the about us page for more info. They we’re pretty creative with their digital marketing efforts. Visit the kickstarter page and you will see what i mean.

Anyway, if you decide on going to Vatos, here are my recommendations.

1. Start off with some fresh chips and salsa. 2,000 won isn’t cheap. The first basket of chips and salsa is free. But you have to fork over 2 bucks afterwards. They should actually give free refills, but whatever, it’s pretty good.

2. The kimchi carnitas fries they have are very tasty. Fries. Kimchi. Meat. What’s not to like? This will set you back $10,000 won.

3. I recommend getting the Corona-a-rita to wash down the apps. 14,000 won.

4. Chili lime shrimp tacos are real good. Actually all of their tacos are solid. If you like Korean style fusion tacos, you’ll most likely enjoy these.

5. Skip the quesadillas. Not good and waste of money.

6. The burritos are pretty good but they are really small. So i’d much rather recommend getting a bunch of tacos.

Sorry for the lag in blog posts. I’ve been pretty busy lately. But i’m gonna try to keep posting on a regular basis again. I have a lot of restaurants reviewed in my head. And a lot of yummy photos. Just need to stop being so lazy and write and publish these posts. I think i’ll start doing posts as i’m in the restaurant. I’ll try posting right from my iphone.