Some good Korean restaurant blogs

I found a few really good Korean restaurant review blogs recently. I wanted to share those korean blogs with you. One of the bloggers are sticking with a top ten korean restaurant concept. You can find his blog at You can also check out for dirty on restaurants in Seoul.

I’ve been a bit lazy with this blog, but i’ll come around to it in the coming weeks. Been busy prepping a family yall. Anyway, i’ll post up some delicious restaurants that i’ve already hit up the past month. Thanks for checking in on hungry seoul and come back again!

5 thoughts on “Some good Korean restaurant blogs

  1. Janice- Thanks for checking out Yeah Korean food is yummy. I’ll try to update this blog and share with you guys all the good restaurants here in Seoul.

    Dustin Cole-Thanks for visiting. Nice Site! Yeah we def need more food bloggers here in Korea. Im from LA. Love San Diego tho, great weather!

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