Hyundai department store food court in Seoul

When i think of department store food courts, i picture fast-food franchises in the middle of the mall. You have Panda Express to your left and Taco Bell to your right. They have Hotdogs on a stick and Mcd’s and or Burgerking. In Korea it’s all different. The quality and variety of food available in Korean department stores are far superior.

The food court at Hyundai department store is my fav out of the three major Department stores. (Hyundai, Lotte, Shinsegae) You usually find the food court in the basement. It’s usually really crowded but i highly recommend you try out some of the food. They have all sorts of Korean dishes. Don’t be fooled by the price either, the food here is top notch. 6 or 7 bucks will get you a full on Korean meal.

My favorite go to dish at Hyundai is Naengmyeon. (cold noodles) These delicious cold noodles in beef broth are to die for. I honestly prefer the Naengmyeon at Hyundai to the ones at expensive Korean BBQ restaurants.

They have other Korean dishes as well as other Asian cuisine. You can even find pizzas and burgers if thats what you fancy. If you can’t decide on what to eat next time you are in Seoul, hit up the food court at Hyundai Department store. You’ll find some of the best mini restaurants in Korea.

Ankara Picnic satisfies my halal cravings

There is this little kebab joint right in the middle of Itaewon that i visit every time i’m near it. It’s right off the Itaewon station exit. I’ve probably been there at least 20 times or so. One of the reasons why i want to live in Ichon dong is because it’s so damn close to Itaewon. So many foreigner friendly restaurants in Itaewon.

The name of the place is Ankara Picnic. They have lamb and chicken kebabs. The place is halal. Like real kosher. The restaurant is a shack. Real small and usually you will see a line of about 8-12 people. But it’s totally worth the wait. They don’t have much room to eat inside but it’s ok cause you can step outside and eat it out on the street. Take in the funky Itaewon air and watch the eclectic mix of people walking by as you bite down on your middle eastern burrito. Only in Itaewon.

The Kebabs at Ankara Picnic are about 4 bucks. I usually get mine with a dash of spicy sauce and a whole lot of white sauce. Im getting hungry just thinking about it. They have a bunch of kebab restaurants in Itaewon. Don’t just walk into any tho. The one right down the street is real shitty. Trust me and hit up Ankara Picnic. And no I’m not being paid by Mr. Picnic for this very fine review of his establishment.

Chipotle restaurant clones in Seoul Korea

I love Mexican food. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up in California. California is basically Mexico, northern Mexican. Living is Korea can get frustrating if you love Mexican food. First of all the so called Mexican restaurants in Korea leave out certain ingredients. Cilantro and lime. These two key ingredients are lacking in most Korean tacos and burritos.

We are in Seoul, South Korea. Don’t see a lot of Mexican faces here. I get it. It’s different from Mexico…errr….California. But i don’t even expect real Mexican food. I would gladly settle for Tex-Mex style food like Chipotle. I love Chipotle. There are a few Chipotle clones here in Seoul. But they don’t come close in taste. I’ll talk about Tomatillo and Grill5 here in this blog post.

Tomatillo in Seoul has the look of Chipotle. The interior of the one at Gangnam Finance Center is basically a poor man’s version of Chipotle. They just need to slap some Native American art figures (made of steel and wood) up on the wall. But the taste is something different. Considering that we are in Seoul, the chicken burrito that i ordered wasn’t half bad. Wasn’t that good tho.

Grill5 in Sinsa dong seemed like a nice little Mexican restaurant. I walked in with mild to semi-high expectation. The restaurant was packed. It was Sunday around 5pm. Galosookgil is always packed. Anyway, i walked up to place my order and i saw 8 guys working in the back. Nice. They are going to wrap up my burrito real fast right? Wrong! I waited like 8 minutes for my burrito. And the thing was tiny. Did i order half a burrito? Nope i paid 11,000 won for a whole burrito and a cider to wash it down. The burrito was wrapped in aluminum foil. Check. I open it up and take a bite. The fuckin thing is cold. Nuff said about this place. They should take the “grill” out of the restaurant name. Just called the place 5.

Well if you haven’t guessed out of the two, i pick Tomatillo.

I’m too tired after this rant to write a positive review of a good Mexican restaurant in Seoul. I will review some other places later.

Mealtop the best patbingsu place in Seoul Korea

When i was a little kid, i didn’t really like patbingsu. Same goes for deonjang jjigae. But now as an adult, i love them both. Patbingsu is a shaved ice dessert with sweet red beans and condensed milk. Don’t really know the history behind patbingsu, but I’m thinking it’s at least a few hundred years old. Give or take a few hundred years.

Anyway, Mealtop is different from the patbingsu that you may have tried. When i first tired it, i thought it was a great idea. Genius even. Why not shave the ice into super small pieces. It’s almost like ice cream. So smooth and creamy. You wouldn’t think that it was shaved ice.

Mealtop serves different kinds of patbingsu. But if it is your first time, try the original patbingsu. These delicious treats are only 6 bucks a pop. I’ve been to the one at Hyundai Department store in Apgujeong dong and the one in Mokdong Hyundai Dept. store. If you go to the Apgujeong one, plan on waiting a while. The place is always packed with ajumas.

Bono Bono the best seafood buffet in Seoul?

My wife and i ate at Bono Bono twice last year. The first time i went, i didn’t expect much. I figured it would be like Todai. Cheap and low to medium quality sushi. I also figured it was going to be crowded and noisy.

I was surprised when i walked in. The place in Samsung was really nice. It wasn’t too big. It wasn’t too crowded. It was rather classy. That’s saying a lot for an all you can eat buffet. Buffets aren’t really good spots to take a lady friend on a date. At least not in the beginning. But i would totally recommend Bono-Bono.

The sushi is fresh and they keep cutting them up. So you won’t see old raw fish laying around. The other fillers are rather good. Shrimp tempura was my fav. They don’t have a large selection like say Todai, but the quality is higher.

You can even get your drink on. They have all you can drink house wine. Red and white. Classy!

Price is a little high. We dropped 41,000 Won each. Thats the price for dinner and on the weekends. Weekday lunches are 31,000 Won. Still high.

But all things considered, it’s a good place to grub on fresh sushi and sip on some wine. Crab legs are pretty good here too. I’ve been to Bono Bono twice already, but i’m sure i’ll stop by a few more times before i head back to the States. One of my favorite Restaurants in Seoul.

In n out burger sold out in Korea

I mentioned in my last blog post that in n out burger was promoting out here in Korea. They are doing this to gain global recognition and thwart copycats like Caliburger. They had an event today in Apgujung galosook. Turns out that they sold out in 15 mins. My sources confirm.

That’s what a hamburger is all about. Guess Koreans are crazy for In n out.

– blogging on my iPhone

In n out burger in Korea?

Can this be true? In n out is running a promo in Korea? I’m thinking it’s fake. Either a guy is using in n outs logo to promote his clone burger joint or it’s a great marketing tool for a new biz or whatever.

If in n out won’t open restaurants in Chicago or NYC why Korea? Doesn’t make any sense.

Too good to be true but gonna send someone out to investigate.

P.S. Just confirmed reports that they did this in Hong Kong. Looks legit! And the Facebook page for in n out confirms this.

Might be real after all. In n out is testing put Seoul South Korea!

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My thoughts on Fatburger in Seoul

When i first heard that Fatburger opened a restaurant i was elated. I had to have it. I had to try it to see if it was the same as in the States. Fatburger isn’t my favorite hamburger joint. It’s prob 4th or so. In n out, Tommy’s, and five guys. Maybe props out to shake shack in NYC. (but I’m a cali boy)

But the egg really does make a difference. I can’t eat fat burger everyday like in n out, but i do love to get my grub on.

Fast forward to fatburger in Seoul. I get there and its totally empty. I took my baby and my baby mommy with me. We met up with 5 other friends. The restaurant had a total of 9 people there. Damn shame.

The burgers were great. Just like in the States. But, very very very expensive. Very. That’s 4 verys!

I used to think that i would totally spend 20k won on a in n out burger. Wrong. I would probably get it once or twice. But for 20 bucks, i’d get something else. A hamburger is not worth 20 bucks. Even in n out.

I ordered two combos and the bill came out to 30 plus. Anyway, fat burger will close down in a years time. Damn shame.

Hungry seoul is back

Hi guys. I’ve been really busy the past few months. For starters my wife and i just had a baby! Needless to say that time hasn’t really be on my side. I’ve been feeding, burping, and playing with the baby like crazy. Everything has been put on the side because of my new son. I am working on a really cool project tho. I can’t tell you the details just yet, but it is food related. I hope that you guys will keep checking up on my blog for more info. Thanks to all the commentators here on hungryseoul. I will return the favor soon. I just wanted to post something here to let you guys know that i am still here. I will be reviewing restaurants in Seoul. Korean restaurant reviews will be going up shortly. is now open!

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