My thoughts on Fatburger in Seoul

When i first heard that Fatburger opened a restaurant i was elated. I had to have it. I had to try it to see if it was the same as in the States. Fatburger isn’t my favorite hamburger joint. It’s prob 4th or so. In n out, Tommy’s, and five guys. Maybe props out to shake shack in NYC. (but I’m a cali boy)

But the egg really does make a difference. I can’t eat fat burger everyday like in n out, but i do love to get my grub on.

Fast forward to fatburger in Seoul. I get there and its totally empty. I took my baby and my baby mommy with me. We met up with 5 other friends. The restaurant had a total of 9 people there. Damn shame.

The burgers were great. Just like in the States. But, very very very expensive. Very. That’s 4 verys!

I used to think that i would totally spend 20k won on a in n out burger. Wrong. I would probably get it once or twice. But for 20 bucks, i’d get something else. A hamburger is not worth 20 bucks. Even in n out.

I ordered two combos and the bill came out to 30 plus. Anyway, fat burger will close down in a years time. Damn shame.

3 thoughts on “My thoughts on Fatburger in Seoul

  1. In-N-Out is in Seoul today. It is at Cork for Turtle (Mug for Rabbit 2F) 534-25 Garosu-gii, Shinsa-dong, Kangnam-gu from 11am to 3pm. The last place they did this was in Australia. They ran out of burgers at 11:23am, you had to get in line way before 11am, and they didn’t try to control the line. Here’s a photo of the newspaper ad and INO confirmed that it’s genuine.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I got the news yesterday and put up some blog posts about In-n-out burgers in Seoul Korea. Yeah they sold out pretty quick here in Seoul as well.

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