In n out burger sold out in Korea

I mentioned in my last blog post that in n out burger was promoting out here in Korea. They are doing this to gain global recognition and thwart copycats like Caliburger. They had an event today in Apgujung galosook. Turns out that they sold out in 15 mins. My sources confirm.

That’s what a hamburger is all about. Guess Koreans are crazy for In n out.

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3 thoughts on “In n out burger sold out in Korea

  1. Hi, I’ve just found your blog by googling a shocking news of In n out in Korea!
    Did you get yours? 15 minutes seems too harsh to get the burgers. Anyway it will be great if we have them in here!

  2. I know right? If In N Outs sets up shop in Korea, it’s gonna be so awesome! I wasn’t able to show up for the promo, but i had a few friends go, but they didn’t get any burgers. They sold out right away. Hopefully In N Out will see the demand is huge and get some shops open here.

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