In n out burger in Korea?

Can this be true? In n out is running a promo in Korea? I’m thinking it’s fake. Either a guy is using in n outs logo to promote his clone burger joint or it’s a great marketing tool for a new biz or whatever.

If in n out won’t open restaurants in Chicago or NYC why Korea? Doesn’t make any sense.

Too good to be true but gonna send someone out to investigate.

P.S. Just confirmed reports that they did this in Hong Kong. Looks legit! And the Facebook page for in n out confirms this.

Might be real after all. In n out is testing put Seoul South Korea!

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2 thoughts on “In n out burger in Korea?

  1. hi this might be late, but yes this did actually happen, in-n-out actually came to korea and they were giving out burgers but it was a one time thing

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