I hate Lotteria Korean Mcdonalds clone

I didn’t always hate Lotteria. I remember when the taste wasn’t so bad when i was younger. But now that my taste buds have developed, i can’t stand the Korean Mcdonalds clone. The bulgogi burger represents everything that is wrong with a hamburger. Am i alone here in thinking this way?

I’m not a big fan of Mcdonalds either. But, i do enjoy an occasional big mac. I really miss the fish filets they have back in the states. But yeah, Lotteria sucks balls. Anyway, I just wanted to force myself to come up with a post on this so called korean food blog. Even if i can’t come up with a quality post, i need to get in the habit of just writing down shit on this blog. It could be anything. I’ll rant most of the time as i get this korean food blog up and running. Nobody is reading this anyway so it doesn’t really matter. I’m just blowing kisses in the wind like ms abdul.

It’s 2am here in Seoul, South Korea and i’m signing off. Hungry Seoul is outz! Peace.

3 thoughts on “I hate Lotteria Korean Mcdonalds clone

  1. Hi just stumbled onto this. Talk about Korean restaurants that you enjoy, cuz for the most part nobody really cares about the food we miss back in the States, because it tastes bad. Please talk about the Korean restaurants that you enjoy, and hopefully the ones that don’t use too much MSG.

  2. I agree. Im an ESL teacher here…however I assume its just catered to local tastes. personally, I think the food is an abomonation along with most western style food attempts here by NON-WESTERN companies. mcDonalds is not my fave, Wendys is…but thats not available here. However McD v. Lotteria: Its not even close. I have to say KOREAN FOOD is good though.

  3. Sohl- Noted. I will try to post informative reviews about some of my favorite Restaurants here in Seoul, Korea. Not too much MSG, i will try to find one for ya.

    trav- Where do you teach? I have a lot of friends here who are ESL teachers here. Yeah hate lotteria, but good news. it appears western and cali style burgers are coming to Korea!

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