Hungry Seoul Food and Life in Korea

Kimtaehee-songseungheon-hungry-seoulI started this blog way back in 2011. I originally started this blog to support a project that I started with a few college buddies. We wanted to create a Yelp for Seoul. Unfortunately that project got trashed long ago. But this blog survived. I’ve been neglecting this blog for a long time. I’ve received a couple of negative comments because I don’t update and because I tend to go off on a tangent. To those critics, I say blogging is hard. I should know because I’ve been blogging since 2007. And blogging without any traffic is crazy hard. And blogging without getting paid, that’s just stupid. But I still do this because I enjoy it. So get off my back!

I’m updating now because I logged back in earlier today and discovered that I got a few comments. And my traffic levels got a nice bump from Lonely Planet and other sources. Got me inspired to blog again. I also have to apologize for not replying to comments and emails.

And, I just visited the newly opened Panda Express in Myeongdong Lotte Department Store. That will be my next blog post above.

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