Hungry Seoul Food and Life in Korea

Kimtaehee-songseungheon-hungry-seoulI started this blog way back in 2011. I originally started this blog to support a project that I started with a few college buddies. We wanted to create a Yelp for Seoul. Unfortunately that project got trashed long ago. But this blog survived. I’ve been neglecting this blog for a long time. I’ve received a couple of negative comments because I don’t update and because I tend to go off on a tangent. To those critics, I say blogging is hard. I should know because I’ve been blogging since 2007. And blogging without any traffic is crazy hard. And blogging without getting paid, that’s just stupid. But I still do this because I enjoy it. So get off my back!

I’m updating now because I logged back in earlier today and discovered that I got a few comments. And my traffic levels got a nice bump from Lonely Planet and other sources. Got me inspired to blog again. I also have to apologize for not replying to comments and emails.

And, I just visited the newly opened Panda Express in Myeongdong Lotte Department Store. That will be my next blog post above.

New life north of the river Han

Hey guys. It’s been a while since my last blog post. I’ve been busy with a growing baby and i recently moved my fam to DBICD. That’s Dong Bu Ichon Dong for you layfolks. This is the neighborhood that i wanted be in. I think it’s a great place to raise a little kid. I also love the tiny Japanese style restaurants here. So much variety and so close to Itaewon!

I’ve also been busy setting up a new business with my wife. Hard to blog about food with so many things going on. And most of you non bloggers might not realize this, but blogging is super time consuming. It’s hard to keep posting. I have a lot of pictures on my iphone of new Korean Restaurants i visited but it’s hard to sort through it and get the post up. Especially with the new move. New school for the baby. New everything.

If this blog had a lot of readers, i might be forced into writing more. But with almost zero comments and my traffic at an all time low, im lacking motivating.

But, i’m a true blogger. I’ll start posting up some deliciousness soon. Thanks for reading my blog at

Also, i was thinking about writing about non food, non restaurant related topics. Living in Korea in 2012 is no joke. A lot of things going on. Entertainment, politics, social causes, etc. I’ll spit out some opinion posts or rants about these things aswell.

Little Tokyo in Seoul

Koreans have a hate but respect relationship with the Japanese. They hate because of the atrocities that occurred during the Japanese occupation. But they look up to Japan’s rapid modernization and economic growth. Anyway, this blog is not about politics, history, nor international relations. It’s about Food. Stop that jibber jabber and talk about Restaurants in or around Seoul.

One of my favorite places to visit is Itaewon for obvious reasons. Itaewon is ghetto but it’s a great place to grub. For visitors of Seoul, Itaewon is like a home away from home. They have a lot of non Korean restaurants that are quite good. Better than anywhere else in the city anyway. Most visitors don’t know that that is a place called Dongbu Ichon Dong just a few block from Itaewon. Dongbu Ichon Dong is called the “Little Tokyo” of Seoul. This little strip of land in Yongsan-gu contains a plethora of eateries. The restaurants are all tiny. The variety is awesome. And you can find some really awesome Japanese restaurants.

I’ll probably write a lot of posts about the restaurants in this area later on. My wife’s sisters all live in Ichon Dong so we dine here quite often.

I Don’t know exactly why Ichon dong is called Little Tokyo. It doesn’t really resemble or have a Tokyo vibe. Maybe it’s because a lot of Japanese people live here. Maybe it’s because it’s close to the Military base. It’s not because of the Japanese restaurants. They have a few good ones, but it’s not like it’s filled with Japanese restaurants. You can probably find more Japanese restaurants in other area of Seoul.

But the restaurants are all tiny. It’s common to see restaurants that only seat like 10 people in Ichon Dong. Because these restaurants are tiny, you will find a whole mess of them. That’s what i like most about Ichon Dong. So many restaurants jam packed next to each other. It’s a diner’s dream. The only problem is that it’s a pain in the ass to get to Ichon Dong.

This post is rambling on without me mentioning anything about a particular restaurant. Oh wells, i’ll save that for another post.

Hungry Seoul visits the City of Angels

Sup guys, It’s the amateurish Seoul restaurant blogger hungryseoul. I just wanted to give you guys an update on what’s going down here on my end. A few days ago i packed up my wife and 5 month old and arrived at Los Angeles. I will be In LA for the next 3 weeks. We came to insa my parents. They haven’t seen the little one and were super excited when they picked us up at the airport. I plan on maxin and relaxin here in socal. Before the trip, i was on a little diet. I think i lost about 5 kg in like 6 weeks. I’m a few kg aways from my college weight. Woohoo! I didn’t lose the weight to be more pimpish or sexy or whatever. I lost it so that i could gain it back during my trip to LA without turning into a fat pig. I plan on gaining at least 8 lbs or so. Do not worry i will still be sexy.

Anyway i want to keep posting on this blog while I’m in Los Angeles. Keep the google crawlers from neglecting my humble food blog. I’ll post up some sweet ass pictures of the food that i throw in my mouth. (before i throw it in my mouth of course)

I’ll take in the glorious sun and do some mad shopping. And each day i plan on eating out at least twice. I told my lovely moms to not cook for us too much. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings but at the same time, i needs to get my eats on. (me speech becomes mas ghetto when me in LA)

I love me some junk food. I love fast food period. So i already ate me some in n out and tommys. I had some panda express and chipotle as well. These are just apps to get me started. I’ll be doing some deeper grubbing after the weekend. Aites y’all, peace and word to the mother land.

My thoughts on Fatburger in Seoul

When i first heard that Fatburger opened a restaurant i was elated. I had to have it. I had to try it to see if it was the same as in the States. Fatburger isn’t my favorite hamburger joint. It’s prob 4th or so. In n out, Tommy’s, and five guys. Maybe props out to shake shack in NYC. (but I’m a cali boy)

But the egg really does make a difference. I can’t eat fat burger everyday like in n out, but i do love to get my grub on.

Fast forward to fatburger in Seoul. I get there and its totally empty. I took my baby and my baby mommy with me. We met up with 5 other friends. The restaurant had a total of 9 people there. Damn shame.

The burgers were great. Just like in the States. But, very very very expensive. Very. That’s 4 verys!

I used to think that i would totally spend 20k won on a in n out burger. Wrong. I would probably get it once or twice. But for 20 bucks, i’d get something else. A hamburger is not worth 20 bucks. Even in n out.

I ordered two combos and the bill came out to 30 plus. Anyway, fat burger will close down in a years time. Damn shame.

Hungry seoul is back

Hi guys. I’ve been really busy the past few months. For starters my wife and i just had a baby! Needless to say that time hasn’t really be on my side. I’ve been feeding, burping, and playing with the baby like crazy. Everything has been put on the side because of my new son. I am working on a really cool project tho. I can’t tell you the details just yet, but it is food related. I hope that you guys will keep checking up on my blog for more info. Thanks to all the commentators here on hungryseoul. I will return the favor soon. I just wanted to post something here to let you guys know that i am still here. I will be reviewing restaurants in Seoul. Korean restaurant reviews will be going up shortly. is now open!

If you guys are interested in buying luxury brand items in Korea, check out They have all sorts of cool luxe bags and clothes. Department stores are too expensive in Korea.

For me, it is luxury street or nothing. The website is safe and secure to use. Shopping is made easy via luxury street. Customer service is top notch. Check out the website for yourself.

Some good Korean restaurant blogs

I found a few really good Korean restaurant review blogs recently. I wanted to share those korean blogs with you. One of the bloggers are sticking with a top ten korean restaurant concept. You can find his blog at You can also check out for dirty on restaurants in Seoul.

I’ve been a bit lazy with this blog, but i’ll come around to it in the coming weeks. Been busy prepping a family yall. Anyway, i’ll post up some delicious restaurants that i’ve already hit up the past month. Thanks for checking in on hungry seoul and come back again!

Just wanted to talk about a really cool Restaurant review site for expats living in Seoul. Head over to and get your grub on! The website seems to be in beta but look very promising. I’m all for supporting such sites.

It seems to be like a yelp for English speakers living in Seoul, South Korea. The website doesn’t really have a big database of restaurants yet, but lets hope that they will get things moving.

Hungry in Seoul

I love Korean food. But, there are times when i crave food from back in the States. I’ve been meaning to update more frequently on this blog, but i’ve been too busy with some other things in my life. I will try to come up with a post on this blog at least once a week. Hopefully i will write a post every other day or so. This korean food blog will feature some solid restaurant reviews by the end of the year. I guarantee you that. Anyway, let me talk about some things i miss from back home. When i say things, i mean food.

I miss Chipotle very badly. I will i would buy a nice hot chicken burrito from chipotle for like 20 bucks. Maybe even more. I also miss in and out burgers. I’d prob pay around 20 for a couple of cheeseburgers from in and out as well. Hmm, this post could go on forever now that i think about it. I’ll just list one more grubbin joint. This place is from NYC. My favorite place to eat when im in town. Halal truck. Half lamb and half chicken combo rice plate with extra white sauce! Mmmmmm Halal. Im so very hungry in Seoul.