In N Out burgers again in Seoul!

It appears that the good folks over at In N Out are doing another market test in Seoul. 541-4 Garosu-gil Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul is the location. Feb. 27 11am-3pm. That last time In-N-Out did this, they sold out quick. By far the best burgers ever, In N Out burgers are fresh, simple, and just plain delicious. Check the flyer out for more info. Whatever they are doing, it’s a great Seoul marketing event.

Hungry Seoul visits the City of Angels

Sup guys, It’s the amateurish Seoul restaurant blogger hungryseoul. I just wanted to give you guys an update on what’s going down here on my end. A few days ago i packed up my wife and 5 month old and arrived at Los Angeles. I will be In LA for the next 3 weeks. We came to insa my parents. They haven’t seen the little one and were super excited when they picked us up at the airport. I plan on maxin and relaxin here in socal. Before the trip, i was on a little diet. I think i lost about 5 kg in like 6 weeks. I’m a few kg aways from my college weight. Woohoo! I didn’t lose the weight to be more pimpish or sexy or whatever. I lost it so that i could gain it back during my trip to LA without turning into a fat pig. I plan on gaining at least 8 lbs or so. Do not worry i will still be sexy.

Anyway i want to keep posting on this blog while I’m in Los Angeles. Keep the google crawlers from neglecting my humble food blog. I’ll post up some sweet ass pictures of the food that i throw in my mouth. (before i throw it in my mouth of course)

I’ll take in the glorious sun and do some mad shopping. And each day i plan on eating out at least twice. I told my lovely moms to not cook for us too much. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings but at the same time, i needs to get my eats on. (me speech becomes mas ghetto when me in LA)

I love me some junk food. I love fast food period. So i already ate me some in n out and tommys. I had some panda express and chipotle as well. These are just apps to get me started. I’ll be doing some deeper grubbing after the weekend. Aites y’all, peace and word to the mother land.

My thoughts on Fatburger in Seoul

When i first heard that Fatburger opened a restaurant i was elated. I had to have it. I had to try it to see if it was the same as in the States. Fatburger isn’t my favorite hamburger joint. It’s prob 4th or so. In n out, Tommy’s, and five guys. Maybe props out to shake shack in NYC. (but I’m a cali boy)

But the egg really does make a difference. I can’t eat fat burger everyday like in n out, but i do love to get my grub on.

Fast forward to fatburger in Seoul. I get there and its totally empty. I took my baby and my baby mommy with me. We met up with 5 other friends. The restaurant had a total of 9 people there. Damn shame.

The burgers were great. Just like in the States. But, very very very expensive. Very. That’s 4 verys!

I used to think that i would totally spend 20k won on a in n out burger. Wrong. I would probably get it once or twice. But for 20 bucks, i’d get something else. A hamburger is not worth 20 bucks. Even in n out.

I ordered two combos and the bill came out to 30 plus. Anyway, fat burger will close down in a years time. Damn shame.

I hate Lotteria Korean Mcdonalds clone

I didn’t always hate Lotteria. I remember when the taste wasn’t so bad when i was younger. But now that my taste buds have developed, i can’t stand the Korean Mcdonalds clone. The bulgogi burger represents everything that is wrong with a hamburger. Am i alone here in thinking this way?

I’m not a big fan of Mcdonalds either. But, i do enjoy an occasional big mac. I really miss the fish filets they have back in the states. But yeah, Lotteria sucks balls. Anyway, I just wanted to force myself to come up with a post on this so called korean food blog. Even if i can’t come up with a quality post, i need to get in the habit of just writing down shit on this blog. It could be anything. I’ll rant most of the time as i get this korean food blog up and running. Nobody is reading this anyway so it doesn’t really matter. I’m just blowing kisses in the wind like ms abdul.

It’s 2am here in Seoul, South Korea and i’m signing off. Hungry Seoul is outz! Peace.

Burgers in Seoul

I am from Southern California. So nothing gets my juices flowing like a good classic burger. My favorite hamburger joint in world has to be In and Out. Tommy’s comes a close second. I also enjoy Fatburgers and The Habit. Living in Korea, you notice right off the bat that they don’t have anything that comes close to the burger places that i mentioned above. But, if you are in the mood for a nice burger, head over to Kraze. They have Mcdonalds, Burger King, and Lotteria here, but they are blah. And Mcdonalds in Korea don’t sell filet-o-fish sandwiches. WTF?!

I will try to post up locations and photos of places i visit in my future blog posts.