Bono Bono the best seafood buffet in Seoul?

My wife and i ate at Bono Bono twice last year. The first time i went, i didn’t expect much. I figured it would be like Todai. Cheap and low to medium quality sushi. I also figured it was going to be crowded and noisy.

I was surprised when i walked in. The place in Samsung was really nice. It wasn’t too big. It wasn’t too crowded. It was rather classy. That’s saying a lot for an all you can eat buffet. Buffets aren’t really good spots to take a lady friend on a date. At least not in the beginning. But i would totally recommend Bono-Bono.

The sushi is fresh and they keep cutting them up. So you won’t see old raw fish laying around. The other fillers are rather good. Shrimp tempura was my fav. They don’t have a large selection like say Todai, but the quality is higher.

You can even get your drink on. They have all you can drink house wine. Red and white. Classy!

Price is a little high. We dropped 41,000 Won each. Thats the price for dinner and on the weekends. Weekday lunches are 31,000 Won. Still high.

But all things considered, it’s a good place to grub on fresh sushi and sip on some wine. Crab legs are pretty good here too. I’ve been to Bono Bono twice already, but i’m sure i’ll stop by a few more times before i head back to the States. One of my favorite Restaurants in Seoul.

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