Panda Express Opens a Store in Seoul!

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panda-express-in-seoulI just got done eating my 3 entree combo from Panda Express. I got me some half and half, fried rice and chow mien. Orange chicken. Beef and broccoli. And Garlic chicken. It was so good. I brought it home so I could finish watching “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” before the Apple Keynote comes on. When I was living in the states, Panda Express was a regular visit for me. I’m super excited to have this as an option in Seoul. Anyway here are some photos and details of the just opened Panda Express in Seoul!

panda-express-seoul-entreesPanda Express opened its first restaurant in the B1 food court area of Myeongdong’s Lotte Department Store. It opened Sept 3rd. They are planning on opening a 2nd store in the Suwon Lotte Department store soon. The menu has pretty much everything you would find at any Panda Express in the USA. Prices are a lot higher. 1 entree combo was 7500 won, 2 entree combo was 9500 won, and 3 entree combo set me back 12000 won. Beef and Seafood will cost 1200 won extra.

panda-myeongdongThere was a line when I arrived. About 30 Korean Americans were waiting to get served. I got in line and could hear English dialogue. (“So excited” “Now all we need is In N Out”) Local Koreans were asking people in line what this was. (“is this a famous restaurant?”)

Panda-express-seoul-lotteI talked to the manager there. They had three teams. One spoke Mandarin or Cantonese, another spoke English, and the rest of the staff Korean. I’m thinking the Chinese speakers were from corporate. And the English were the trainers. I spoke with the Manager and it appeared that they were doing everything legit. They explained to me that the main items will taste the same. The main item being orange chicken. The rest might taste slightly different because they are using local ingredients. But from what I tasted, it all tasted the same.

panda-seoulBefore writing this post, I did some digging but didn’t find any official website to link to the new Seoul Panda Express. So I figured that I’d write a post with location and photos and everything.

Hungry Seoul Food and Life in Korea

Kimtaehee-songseungheon-hungry-seoulI started this blog way back in 2011. I originally started this blog to support a project that I started with a few college buddies. We wanted to create a Yelp for Seoul. Unfortunately that project got trashed long ago. But this blog survived. I’ve been neglecting this blog for a long time. I’ve received a couple of negative comments because I don’t update and because I tend to go off on a tangent. To those critics, I say blogging is hard. I should know because I’ve been blogging since 2007. And blogging without any traffic is crazy hard. And blogging without getting paid, that’s just stupid. But I still do this because I enjoy it. So get off my back!

I’m updating now because I logged back in earlier today and discovered that I got a few comments. And my traffic levels got a nice bump from Lonely Planet and other sources. Got me inspired to blog again. I also have to apologize for not replying to comments and emails.

And, I just visited the newly opened Panda Express in Myeongdong Lotte Department Store. That will be my next blog post above.