New life north of the river Han

Hey guys. It’s been a while since my last blog post. I’ve been busy with a growing baby and i recently moved my fam to DBICD. That’s Dong Bu Ichon Dong for you layfolks. This is the neighborhood that i wanted be in. I think it’s a great place to raise a little kid. I also love the tiny Japanese style restaurants here. So much variety and so close to Itaewon!

I’ve also been busy setting up a new business with my wife. Hard to blog about food with so many things going on. And most of you non bloggers might not realize this, but blogging is super time consuming. It’s hard to keep posting. I have a lot of pictures on my iphone of new Korean Restaurants i visited but it’s hard to sort through it and get the post up. Especially with the new move. New school for the baby. New everything.

If this blog had a lot of readers, i might be forced into writing more. But with almost zero comments and my traffic at an all time low, im lacking motivating.

But, i’m a true blogger. I’ll start posting up some deliciousness soon. Thanks for reading my blog at

Also, i was thinking about writing about non food, non restaurant related topics. Living in Korea in 2012 is no joke. A lot of things going on. Entertainment, politics, social causes, etc. I’ll spit out some opinion posts or rants about these things aswell.