Little Tokyo in Seoul

Koreans have a hate but respect relationship with the Japanese. They hate because of the atrocities that occurred during the Japanese occupation. But they look up to Japan’s rapid modernization and economic growth. Anyway, this blog is not about politics, history, nor international relations. It’s about Food. Stop that jibber jabber and talk about Restaurants in or around Seoul.

One of my favorite places to visit is Itaewon for obvious reasons. Itaewon is ghetto but it’s a great place to grub. For visitors of Seoul, Itaewon is like a home away from home. They have a lot of non Korean restaurants that are quite good. Better than anywhere else in the city anyway. Most visitors don’t know that that is a place called Dongbu Ichon Dong just a few block from Itaewon. Dongbu Ichon Dong is called the “Little Tokyo” of Seoul. This little strip of land in Yongsan-gu contains a plethora of eateries. The restaurants are all tiny. The variety is awesome. And you can find some really awesome Japanese restaurants.

I’ll probably write a lot of posts about the restaurants in this area later on. My wife’s sisters all live in Ichon Dong so we dine here quite often.

I Don’t know exactly why Ichon dong is called Little Tokyo. It doesn’t really resemble or have a Tokyo vibe. Maybe it’s because a lot of Japanese people live here. Maybe it’s because it’s close to the Military base. It’s not because of the Japanese restaurants. They have a few good ones, but it’s not like it’s filled with Japanese restaurants. You can probably find more Japanese restaurants in other area of Seoul.

But the restaurants are all tiny. It’s common to see restaurants that only seat like 10 people in Ichon Dong. Because these restaurants are tiny, you will find a whole mess of them. That’s what i like most about Ichon Dong. So many restaurants jam packed next to each other. It’s a diner’s dream. The only problem is that it’s a pain in the ass to get to Ichon Dong.

This post is rambling on without me mentioning anything about a particular restaurant. Oh wells, i’ll save that for another post.