I hate Lotteria Korean Mcdonalds clone

I didn’t always hate Lotteria. I remember when the taste wasn’t so bad when i was younger. But now that my taste buds have developed, i can’t stand the Korean Mcdonalds clone. The bulgogi burger represents everything that is wrong with a hamburger. Am i alone here in thinking this way?

I’m not a big fan of Mcdonalds either. But, i do enjoy an occasional big mac. I really miss the fish filets they have back in the states. But yeah, Lotteria sucks balls. Anyway, I just wanted to force myself to come up with a post on this so called korean food blog. Even if i can’t come up with a quality post, i need to get in the habit of just writing down shit on this blog. It could be anything. I’ll rant most of the time as i get this korean food blog up and running. Nobody is reading this anyway so it doesn’t really matter. I’m just blowing kisses in the wind like ms abdul.

It’s 2am here in Seoul, South Korea and i’m signing off. Hungry Seoul is outz! Peace.


Just wanted to talk about a really cool Restaurant review site for expats living in Seoul. Head over to Krants.com and get your grub on! The website seems to be in beta but look very promising. I’m all for supporting such sites.

It seems to be like a yelp for English speakers living in Seoul, South Korea. The website doesn’t really have a big database of restaurants yet, but lets hope that they will get things moving.

Hungry in Seoul

I love Korean food. But, there are times when i crave food from back in the States. I’ve been meaning to update more frequently on this blog, but i’ve been too busy with some other things in my life. I will try to come up with a post on this blog at least once a week. Hopefully i will write a post every other day or so. This korean food blog will feature some solid restaurant reviews by the end of the year. I guarantee you that. Anyway, let me talk about some things i miss from back home. When i say things, i mean food.

I miss Chipotle very badly. I will i would buy a nice hot chicken burrito from chipotle for like 20 bucks. Maybe even more. I also miss in and out burgers. I’d prob pay around 20 for a couple of cheeseburgers from in and out as well. Hmm, this post could go on forever now that i think about it. I’ll just list one more grubbin joint. This place is from NYC. My favorite place to eat when im in town. Halal truck. Half lamb and half chicken combo rice plate with extra white sauce! Mmmmmm Halal. Im so very hungry in Seoul.